Marla Apt Workshops in 2019 (EN)

Marla Apt Workshops in 2019

DateAug. 30 – Sep. 1
PlaceMitaka-city, TokyoIt takes about 4-5 min. from Mitaka station on foot.
TopicsProgressing the Actions  
August 30, Friday 10:30-16:301 hour and 15min. lunch break included
August 31, Saturday 10:00-16:001 hour and 15min. lunch break included
We will learn how to build up the asanas along each syllabus. Establishing the foundation with Intro (basics) syllabus followed by JI1 and JI2 (intermediate), the qualities of the asanas are deepened.
The Art and Science of Iyengar Yoga  
September 1, Sunday 10:00-16:001 hour and 15min. lunch break included
Focusing on a theme, we will develop the sequencing and explore the essence of the asanas. In this workshop, we will experience deeper understanding of anatomy and philosophy.
ConditionOpen to students with a minimum of three years of Iyengar yoga experience and who can do sirsasana at least 5 min. (with wall)
What to bringA mat, 2 belts, 2 blocks and some blankets (as many as you need to use for sarvangasana)   
You cannot send your props to the venue in advance but can leave them in the room if you participate next day.
VenueMitaka sangyo plaza  (meeting rooms on the 7th floor)
         Address 3-38-4 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-city, Tokyo
Eating food inside and bringing beverage from outside are not allowed due to rules on facility use. Though a bottled water (500cc) will be distributed each workshop, please purchase at the vending machines in the building when you need extra bottles. In addition, please take lunch at a café on the 2nd floor or surrounding restaurants. Your kindest understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.
Fee    Association Member Discount1 day 12,000 / 3-day Package 32,000
Non-association Member1day 14,000 / 3d-day Package 38,000
How to applyPlease send the application form below in this page. We’ll email you in return and inform you our bank account to send the fee. Your enrollment is completed after your money transfer is conformed. Please understand you have possibilities to be listed up on the waiting list in the case that the workshops are full.
Cancelation Policy:
A month or more prior to date / 100% refund
4 weeks prior to date / 50% refund
2 weeks prior to date / 30% refund
3 days prior to date or date event held / No refund
Kindly note that \1,000 will be deducted from transfer amount as an administrative transaction.

About Marla Apt

Marla Apt, a Senior Intermediate Level certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, is based in Los Angeles. Though her initial visit to India aimed to research Buddhist philosophy for her degree, she returned to Pune repeatedly and studied with Guruji, Geetaji and Prashantji.
While Marla teaches public classes and conducts teacher training in addition to teaching workshops in the US and internationally, she’s held important positions at IYNAUS (Iyengar Yoga National Association of US) and the assessment committee.
Furthermore, she supports medical research (therapy for depression, anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome) from yogic aspect at UCLA and helps create yoga therapy contents for the curriculum at David Geffen School of Medicine. She also offers those who have problems the benefit of yoga through Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics.
Such her dedicated activities have continued more than 25 years and Yoga Journal magazine spotlighted her as one of the talented young teachers shaping the future of yoga under 40 in 2008.
Geetaji had absolute trust in Marla’s activities. Marla practices Iyengar yoga, experiences bliss of Iyengar yoga, and committed to continuing to support those who need Iyengar yoga.
Do not miss this great opportunity to deepen your learning!

Marla Apt Website

Application starts from June 16 and we accept applications from association members only until June 31st. Non-association members can apply after July 1st unless the workshops are fully booked.

Note: There’ll be Abhijata Iyengar convention hosted by Japan Iyengar Yoga association in May 2020 in Japan. Only association members can participate her convention. If you haven’t become a member, please consider joining the association with this opportunity. As for enrollment, please check the association websites in your own countries.